What We Do

 Dogtown Books is a locally owned, independent bookstore serving Gloucester since 1997. Originally founded by Isabel Sloane, Bob Ritchie, John Baltteim & Tally Groves at 2 Duncan Street, Dogtown has always been a Downtown Gloucester destination. Offering a distinguished selection of new and gently used books, as well as new gift items, vintage oddities, and apparel for all ages, Dogtown Books is a place for locals and visitors to discover and explore their love for all things book related. Not only a charming storefront on Gloucester’s historic Main Street, Dogtown Books is also a comfortable community meeting locale, a center for literary learning and group discussions, and a hub for exciting special events including: workshops, themed book clubs, adult and youth writing contests, open-mic nights (every 4th Friday of the month!), children’s book readings, and unique author events. Dogtown Books, under new ownership in 2018,  is an inclusive, accessible space that celebrates a shared love for the written word, encourages the open exchange of ideas, and seeks to promote and enrich Gloucester's extraordinary artistic legacy.

Our Mission is to be the best destination for Gloucester’s local and visiting readers, writers and creatives, and to connect people with the books that they will love. 


 Every reader is different and important, and we represent that diversity at Dogtown Books with a focus on literary legends, new and emerging writers, and local artisans and craftspeople.

 We are creative, inclusive, and resourceful. We are dedicated to evolving with our town and interacting with the community we love and serve.

 Community is everything, and we want to be active participants in honoring Gloucester’s legacy and shaping Gloucester’s growing culture.

 We welcome an open collaboration with local business owners and residents to exchange resources, host events, and create partnerships. We thrive on unique perspectives.

 Quality matters. We hand pick and curate all inventory to offer the best and widest variety of books and book related items to our customers.

The world can be a scary place sometimes. Dogtown Books aims to be a safe zone for people of all identities.